Hidden Spy Cameras for Cars

Hidden Spy Cameras for Cars

Hidden Car Cameras- Benefits, Types, and installation

Your security and that of the other car occupants is vital. Hidden car cameras come in handy, especially in providing you with crucial information on what goes around your car (both inside and outside) in your absence or in real time.

Besides, they provide irrefutable evidence in case of an accident or an act of vandalism.

This article has a few reasons why you need a hidden camera in your car. We’ve also identified several models that you might want to consider and an installation guide too.

Why people install hidden cameras in their car?

Accidents: If you get involved in a crash, a hidden camera on your car provides good footage of what happened just before and after the crash, thus giving evidence needed by your insurance firm and law enforcement agencies.

Mind you, several countries including Russia and Palestine have made it mandatory to have a dashboard camera in case of such eventualities. The only difference is that these models are not hidden.

Security: Hidden cameras act as your second eye. They keep watch over your prized possessions in the car in your absence. Some of the advanced models can update you in real time while others record and store the happenings for viewing later. This provides tamper-proof evidence in case of vandalism.

Help to monitor teenage drivers: Are you wondering what goes on when your teenage kids are behind the wheel in your absence? A hidden camera inside the vehicle might clear your doubts.

Catch a cheating spouse- think your partner is cheating on you? The market is choking with minute cameras that make excellent infidelity detection kits. Some of these are fitted with GPS trackers so they not only send you the footages but your partner’s location in real time.

For the fun of it: when not spying on your car’s occupants, you could use your hidden camera for fun. If you are a social media freak, you could show off some cool driving stunts or anything else that could entertain your instagram or facebook fans.

Are you a uber driver or lift driver? A hidden camera could also save you the agony of being behind the bars in case your passengers start acting up and claiming that you did things that you didn’t actually do.

Types of Hidden Spy Cameras Available for Cars

Hidden cameras come in different types depending on where they are installed and their functions. Let’s have a peek at some of them.

Hidden dashboard cameras

These cameras are affixed to the windshield or somewhere in the front cabin but in a way that it does not block the driver’s line of sight and also goes unnoticed.

Most of these could also be hidden behind the rearview mirror and resemble the car parts.


  • They take less space in the interior of your car cabin: Having them located behind hidden places like behind rear view mirror ensures you got all the space to yourself with no large recording device blocking your view.

  • May act as a source of evidence in instances such road rage: They provide accurate information about what was happening and can go a long way in ascertaining the mental state of the other driver that was involved.

  • Allow you to collect secret intelligence without you being there: Because of their hidden nature, the vandals are not aware that they are being watched.

  • They capture all the interactions that take place inside the cabin: you can catch all the verbal exchanges that take place inside your vehicle.

  • Due to their usage of the car’s battery, it is unlikely that they will fail to function as a result of extreme weather conditions.

  • They look like other parts of your vehicle


  • Most of them lack an internal battery which means no coverage while the car is off.

Multifunctional Hidden Cameras

Multifunctional hidden cameras are just that; versatile. These models are designed to keep an eye on your vehicle’s front, side, and rear view.

Most of them offer video footages with supportive audios and could also take photos. Even better, some top-class units have night vision with IR lights and are, therefore, not limited by the entry of darkness. These might fit the bill if you a model that will offer you non-stop surveillance.


  • Offer rock-solid evidence

  • Has an all-around surveillance


  • Might be pricey

  • Installation might be tricky

  • Could be easily noted in case of protruding wires

Rearview Hidden Cameras

These types of cameras give you a view of the rear of your vehicle. They are mostly located at the back of the vehicle and may offer incredible evidence to your insurance company in case someone rammed your vehicle from behind.


  • Useful when parking


  • Most of these models only capture activities at the rear

Different ways to hide hidden cameras in cars

In most instances, the type of hidden camera will dictate how it should be installed. Most of them are quite straightforward to hide and don’t require sophisticated know-how. On the other hand, installing some can be quite complex subsequently bringing the need for a techie.

Here are some of the most common ways of installing hidden cameras

  • Clipping it conveniently on the rearview mirror

  • Attaching it in front of your windscreen making it look like a piece of modern technology or some geographical positioning gadget

  • If you need to catch the face of your car’s thief, place it somewhere on the dashboard in front of the driver’s seat

  • In your sunglasses at the overhead flaps

  • If you need to monitor whatever happens in the back seat, place it somewhere in the back of the front seats

Top 10 Hidden Car Cameras

1080P HD professional grade Smartphone holder


If you are in need of a device that offers both deception and performance at the same time, you might never go wrong with this gadget. It performs its work stealthily and efficiently.

What will amaze you about this gadget is that it resembles an ordinary Smartphone holder and has an inbuilt hidden night vision camera. This device can record in total darkness without emitting any glow thus offering your car twenty-four-hour surveillance.

Again, a 1080 HD video recording capability enables you get a perfect picture of what is happening inside your vehicle, and a swivel mount that enables you to focus on what you want to see.

You may also like the loop recording feature that allows the camera to continue taking into account the current events even if the storage space gets depleted. It does this by automatically overwriting the oldest recordings to create more space. This goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t lose out on any critical information.

It is a perfect investment to those who value their automobile and got top dollar to burn.

Rexing Wide Angle Dashboard Camera


When you need to watch over the road ahead of you covertly, then the Rexing wide angle dashboard camera maybe what you need.

As an improvement to the previous V 1 N generation, the Rexing V 1 3rd generation provides a higher picture resolution of up to 2160p @24fps. With this gadget, you get more excellent pictures of the faces, car number plates and scenic views that are in front of you.

Moreover, you get to capture wider angles of these images courtesy of the 170 degrees ultra wide angle lens.

You may also appreciate the fact that it is a Wi-Fi enabled device. You can upload videos on your Smartphone without the need of removing the Micro SD chip.

To crown it all, it has a G-sensor that ensures that no information is lost in case of an accident since it locks the current video that was recording to protect the footage.

On the downside, you can’t clearly visualize the car number plates in front of you at night. Though, you can’t entirely blame this model since it is a common problem faced by a majority of cameras that don’t have night vision capabilities.

DohonestBest Hidden spy camera


Anyone looking for a multifunctional camera for their car may be better off with this gadget. It is used in checking the front view, side view or rear view when reversing. Also, it can be used as a surveillance camera, giving you an optimum number of choices you can fill it in.

What we really like about this gadget is its ease of installation and durability. It is crafted from high-quality materials that give it a long lifespan despite continuous usage.

The camera is an excellent choice for those who need a simple and non-expensive gadget to monitor their vehicles.

720p HD Mini Black Box Hidden Camera


Due to its sheer small size, the mini black box provides you with a perfect opportunity to watch over your car unnoticed.

It utilizes a 720 HD resolution to give you pristine pictures that may act as evidence in case of a vandal descending on your car or in case of an accident.

You also got a more extended recording period of up to ten hours which translates to fewer interruptions. Moreover, you got to choose the method of powering it; Ac or DC. These means you can connect it directly to your car or use its internal battery. I bet the former might be quite ideal if you want non-stop recordings.

What also stands out about this device is its capability of recording both audio and video input on a 64GB micro SD, which is a pretty amount of information.

In case you opt for this gadget, you get a one year warranty and a lifetime technical support.

Mini Slim Spy Camera


This little gadget is so tiny that it can be fitted anywhere without anyone noticing its presence. This might fit the bill if you are looking for a spy camera that you can use not only as a car’s cam but also for spying around your home especially as a nanny’s cam and even in the office.

It is designed with a 1/3 inch by 3 inch long dimensions, and can therefore either be attached to the windshield or mounted on a cigarette lighter adapter. You could also use it as a dashboard camera or even it attach it at the back for a rear view.

Again, you got a choice about how you will do your thing. You can select motion activated recording which captures any ongoing activity when it senses motion or simply set it to record continuously.

Viewing the footage is a breeze as well. You could either use the included USB cable to connect the camera to your PC or Mac or simply remove the SD card and plug into your computer.

Motion Activated Mini Black Box


The motion activated mini black box camera can virtually fit anywhere in your car thanks to its small stature. You could place it on the dashboard, windshield or any other place you find convenient.

In addition, it also makes a good bet if you want something that you could hide around your house, office, or store for all-around surveillance.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is the time and date stamp feature. Every video and sound recording has its time noted down. This provides watertight evidence in case of a crash or vandal and acts a good source for documentation.

You might also like its simple operating procedures. To start it up you only need to press the power button and you get covered when not around.

A 32 GB micro SD card stores all the information awaiting your perusal, by either plugging it out and inserting it into your computer or Smartphone or attaching the gadget directly to your pc using the provided USB cable.

A great feature here is the loop recording capability. It deletes the oldest files to create more space for new clips. This means that the SD card will never run out of space.

Voice Activated Mini Spy Camera


This voice activated mini spy camera boasts a battery can hold charge for up to 20 days and up to 4 hours of continuous recording.

With a dimension of 2 by 3 inches, no prying eyes can easily spot it if you decide to hide it. On the other hand, the package also comes with a suction cup that you can use to mount it on your windscreen or rear screen.

You can set it to record manually or choose the voice activation mode which will take up to 20 days working on a single charge.

Furthermore, it captures details on a high resolution of 640 by 480 full-color video on a micro SD that is removable.

What makes it more interesting is that it offers time and date stamp for rock-solid evidence and it’s also compatible with PC and Mac.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a lifetime tech support.

TTP-C12B Hidden Mini Backup Camera


The TTP-c12B offers you an affordable way to check on the front view, side view, or rear view of your car. Moreover, you can utilize it as a surveillance gadget.

You may also like the fact that it is easy to install. No need of dragging a techie guy along to fix it for you. With an easy to understand installation manual that comes with it, you are good to go in a matter of a few minutes.

Besides, having been manufactured from high-performance materials coupled with high precision engineering, the gadget may serve you for ages before considering a replacement.

Its lens boasts a 170-degrees viewing angle, therefore allowing you a more comprehensive capturing angle. Moreover, the lens is a hundred percent waterproof and has a great night vision for surveillance in the dark.

Atokit Hidden Rearview Camera


The Atokit Hidden Rearview camera is, hands down, one of the most complex car cameras on the market today.

What makes it a hit is the high definition real-time images it provides even in severe weather making it possible to park your car. Moreover, you get to see during night time thanks to the infrared night vision reversing camera that jumps into action, thus guaranteeing you a safe driving experience.

Also, worth talking about is their broad angle reverse capability. Once properly adjusted, it is a great packing mirror that gives you the exact measurements you ought to follow.

The mirror works on any vehicle. No need to buy a new device or upgrade if you happen to acquire a new automobile.

This gadget works smoothly with other technologies to provide backup security for your camera. For instance, it can be used with any monitor that has an RCA video input.

TekBow hidden camera


The Tekbow camera offers you 2 installation options. You could power it straight from the fuse box where it starts working when you power on your car or connect it directly to your battery’s vehicle. The latter is a surefire way of ensuring your car’s safety while in the parking lot.

It has WI-FI and live preview capabilities. Therefore, with the latest versions of Smartphone, you can share what is happening in real time on your social media accounts.

Also, you might appreciate the high definition videos plus a one hundred and seventy degree observation angle capability that makes your pictures impressive and unique.

Final Verdict

Having scrutinized the list above list, we conclude that the 1080P HD professional grade Smartphone holder takes the lead among the top ten hidden car cameras. Not only does it have an aesthetically appealing design but it also has more resolution than the rest, most deceptive, easy to operate, offers twenty-four-hour surveillance among other excellent attributes.


‘’Your word against theirs’’ is no longer a reliable way of getting justice both with the courts and insurance companies.

On the other hand, a hidden camera offers an unbeatable record of proof that cannot be brushed off as unreliable memory or skepticism of character.

Whether you are spying a cheating spouse or you got a bad feeling about your kid’s nanny, it won’t take long for a hidden camera to clear your doubts.

The best part about these gadgets is that they record what they see. They don’t demonstrate bias since they can’t be badgered or coached.

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