How to Monitor Kik Messages

How to Monitor Kik Messages

Monitoring Kik Messages

It can be a daunting and nerve wrecking task to take care of a teen or child in this era and age. With so many affordable technological applications in place, your child’s time, morals, and safety can be compromised if not watched over.

Off late mobile services offer a variety of applications that can be utilized by any age group. One of these applications is the Kik messenger, commonly referred to as kik.

It is a popular, freeware messaging mobile app that can be installed on both android and iOS operating systems. It utilizes a Smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to receive and transmit messages, videos, photos and other content.

Kik is a tad bit different from similar instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber in that its browser is complete with other functionalities such as flirt, match, and chat among other features. Simply put, this is a multiplatform.

This explains why most users are glued to this app more than any other social media platform.

So, you may ask, what are the primary functions of this application?

Kik allows you to:

  • Chat anonymously

  • Have one to one chat

  • Have a group chat with up to 49 members

  • Exchange videos, pictures, videos, gifs, among others

  • Follow and chat with different brands in entertainment, music so long as you have a promoted chat

For you to chat with another person, they must have a Kik account which can also be disabled. Another salient feature of this app is that users have undisclosed specific usernames unlike the traditional telephone numbers and email address.

Moreover, for you to add someone, you must know their username which is a privacy feature that will free your child from unsolicited addition requests from unknown people.

The kik browser offers a broad range of niceties that will keep your child glued to the phone most of the time and which is retrogressive and unhealthy anyway. These features include match and chat. This is a mini system that groups the users according to their ages and thus encourages them to chat.

The flirt feature which resembles a dating app presents new users to your child and gives them a chance to hook up and chat. This can be a dangerous precedence since your child will be talking with total strangers that could lead to ugly scenarios. Needless to mention, teens and young adults may get into bad relationships or engage in evil activities.

Registering on this platform is a breeze. Your child can log on to this platform using their username without providing a telephone number. Typically, the company allows users who are thirteen years and above. If your child is under thirteen years and has created a kik account, you can contact customer care for deactivation assistance.

If you need to limit the number of people who can talk to your child, you just go to settings then choose chat settings and finally turn off address book matching. These will allow your child to chat only with people who know their username.

What makes this app popular among teens?

It’s a lot easier to use it than texting

  • Most teens don’t have phone numbers; hence this app offers them a perfect avenue to communicate and stay connected.

  • If they have Wi-Fi in their houses, they can easily connect and then chat away

  • Naughty teens find it suitable because it is a password-protected app, hence making it hard for the parents to monitor their communication.

  • Some of them can be able to hide their kik accounts in the clouds making it difficult to be accessed.

What is its downside?


The major downside of this app is safety. It is easy for predators to connect with teens through this application rather than when they were texting using the conventional methods. There have been instances of child exploitation and abductions.


Cases of cyberbullying are also on the rise with 75 percent of students admitting to having bashed one another. In other incidences, teens have engaged in inappropriate conversations with adults, and have been subjected to adult content in this platform.

Other problematic areas with kik app are the porn bots which disguise themselves as suggestive and personalized messages that will trick your child into clicking on them. Clicking on these links may direct your kid to porn sites. As you can probably guess, this may be a harbinger for moral decadence.

Again, the chat now features a window for strangers to contact your child and engage them in a conversation. What’s more worrying is that strangers now have the freedom to hide their identity and remain anonymous. Although handy to the users, this should make you more concerned about who your kids interact with.

Your role as the parent

As a parent, it is important to watch over what your kids are doing on their phones. Well, this this can prove somewhat difficult especially with teens’ behavior of becoming cagey when they suspect that you are snooping around.

Luckily, we have a few ways to help you circumvent and get what they are up to without intruding into their personal space

How to monitor your Kid’s Kik Account

While spying on your kid’s kik account can be a little tricky, there are several spy software which can help you track your kid’s activities on kik. You only need to install them on their phones.

Apps are legal and do not infringe the rights of your kids. They are also easy to use since they provide an interface that is friendly; any parent who is not technologically savvy can quickly get along with it.

Here are some of the applications

Truth spy app

Installing the truth spy app

You need first to install the truth spy app which comes with some subscriptions to choose from. Make sure you select a plan which allows you to monitor kik. After purchasing the plan, you will get an email giving you details on how to install the app and details about the online account. Put the app on your child’s phone after installing it, and you can use it if need be.

After that, make an online account. Using the credentials you got in the mail, fill the online form given. An online truth spy account that gets linked to your child’s truth spy app will be created. Information which is received by your child’s kik application gets reflected in the truth spy app. By these, you will be on the know-how of what is happening.

The next step is to allow kik monitoring by enabling it, from the control panel. Also, to make sure that you get information that is up to date and correct, you need to activate the toggle feature.

If you need to narrow down on specific chats to monitor, set up a watch list which allows you to enter the contacts of the people you want to be keen about. Any conversations between them and your child will quickly get conveyed to you via instant notifications.


It is also a tracking app that allows you to track your child’s activities not only in kik but also in other social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc.

By installing this app on your child’s phone, you will be able to monitor all their chatting activities. The best part about Pumpic is that it also gives you their specific location in real time. Installing the app is easy; just follow the instructions in the guide manual


For you to install this application, you first need the parental control. Next, go to the buy now page and choose the kind of plan and package that you need. Installing and setting up the account is similar to the Truth Spy app. This app also offers you a clear and sure way of monitoring your child’s activities on the kik account.

Flexy spy

You could also monitor your child’s activities through Flexy Spy. Just like the others, you only need to install them on their phones, and then you get yourself an online account to be able to monitor them.

The above software are just a few of many others on the market. They are easy to install and use. As a final thought, it’s paramount to conduct due diligence before purchasing and installing any of the apps.

You might also want to get in-depth information about your target software beforehand. Understand how it works and how successful it is. Previous customers’ review of the product may be a great source.


Today’s children and teenagers are technologically savvy and tend to be more curious and outgoing than ever before. The explosion in freeware apps and their curiosity leaves them vulnerable in several fronts including cyberstalking and bullying. They could also be lured to porn and several other mobile-related crimes.

Parental monitoring is key to protect these youngsters from getting to dark corners that these platforms open. It’s our hope that this guide has put you in the right direction.

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