How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity

How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity

How to Monitor Your Kid’s WhatsApp Activity

Whatsapp is a messaging app that enables the user to engage in unlimited conversations with people worldwide. This application is not bound by call rates like normal phone conversations (think of calls and short messages).

It has gained popularity due to the fact that it is currently free and super breezy to use. The best part, however, is that it allows unlimited chats including group chats and free voice and video calls across the globe. Meetings are taking place through the Whatsapp app, how convenient?

However, in this era where anyone can access a smartphone, the use of Whatsapp may have great disadvantages not only among adults but where kids are involved. School going kids who are part of the internet-connected society may become susceptible to cyberbullying and cyberstalking among other internet vices.

Why is it Important to Monitor Your Kid’s Whatsapp Activity?

There is a lot of stuff that happens on the internet that parents need to be aware of. Unfortunately, with their busy schedules, it becomes difficult to keep watch on what the kid is doing physically 24/7.

However, while it is important to let the kids enjoy their privacy, it is also important to ensure that they are secure and that they do not get sucked up in the internet craze.

Here are a few reasons why you need to monitor your kid’s WhatsApp activity

Sexting– sexting is just that; sending or receiving sexually explicit messages especially through mobile phones. These messages mainly involve nudes or semi-nude photographs and videos. It might sound horrifying to you but it’s currently trending among teenagers (and some naughty adults too).

Of course, sexting requires consent, respect, and trust between the parties involves. Thus, your kid may become a loner who just enjoys being alone with his/her phone most of the time.

Group chats– these may be avenues for a lot of vices. For instance, kids may find themselves in a group of older teenagers who constantly post unhealthy stuff to the group. These may include pornographic material like sex videos, nude photos or conversations which may influence their behavior negatively.

Cyberstalking- with Whatsapp a lot of details are made public as long as the contact is available. Some stalkers may use this information to their advantage and start bullying your kid. The kid may be too afraid to even share it with you. Therefore the only way to find out and protect your kid from such is by monitoring them.

These are some of the reasons why it is important to monitor our kids and possibly get rid of these threats before they become serious. Unfortunately, monitoring your kids’ WhatsApp activity isn’t as easy as I make it look here.

But it’s doable.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Whatsapp Activity

Monitoring your kid’s Whatsapp activity is essentially creating a safe WhatsApp. There are a lot of parental control tactics that can be employed to monitor what the kid is doing online at any given time of the day or night.

You see, the good thing with technology is that it has remedies for all the problems that it causes. For instance, the technology now offers several mobile apps that a parent can use to spy on their kid’s smartphone secretly without ruining their relationship.

These apps are available for smartphones and computers as well as portable laptops. Here are some of the most recommendable options

Spymaster Pro

This is one of the most popular and most used applications. As the parent, you’ll need to download the app and install it on your kid’s phone.

It is easy to install provided the phone uses android or iOS technology. Installation may take approximately 5 minutes so find something for them to do while you do this.

It starts working immediately it is installed in the targeted phone and transfers loads of data to your dashboard which includes chats, messages, photos, and contacts.

This technology may allow you to follow conversations between your kid and a potential prey, predator or unhealthy group chats. It may also show the duration of internet activity so you can tell whether the kid is addicted to Whatsapp at the expense of school time. This could help to take precautionary measures before things get out of hands.


This application was initially developed to spy on dubious employees and cheating spouses. With the increase in the need to put a leash to kids’ internet activities, it added a feature that enables the parents to track their kid’s WhatsApp activity without them raising an eyebrow. It tracks when the kid is online and who they are chatting with. This ensures that the parent gets to know the material the kid is sharing or receiving.


This application is preferred for its ability to track more than one internet activity. It not only monitor’s Whatsapp activities, but also tracks other content form social media in general. It is available for both Android and iOS systems.


This application is suitable for smartphones and tablets. MamaBear needs to be installed on both the tracker’s phone and the target device. It is able to tell the parent who the child is chatting with and the content being shared online.

Additionally, it has a location feature that enables the user to track the child’s whereabouts, especially during school hours. Interestingly, in case the kid is using a car, the user can tell the speed the car being used.


This can be used to spy activity on the smartphone, computer, and tablets. It is available for android, ios and windows OS. It is able to track the duration of online activity, who the child is chatting with, the content shared, photos and group chats. This application functions more lie the spymaster pro.


This application allows the user to track WhatsApp activity without the kids finding out. It helps to monitor calls, messages, internet usage and GPS location. The application is installed in the target phone or tablet. Once this is done, the parent can track the target phone from their own control panel. They just toggle on the WhatsApp feature on the application so as to obtain the data on your phone. This application gives you access to WhatsApp contacts, photos, group chats and individual chats.


This application is only used to monitor the duration of online activity. This application is able to show when the user gets online and goes offline. It helps the parent to know the child’s internet pattern.

As a result they are able to tell time spent online and addresses any signs of WhatsApp addiction before it is too late. Most importantly, it can show any internet activity during school hours which may later be reflected on the grades scored by the child.


This is a free application that is helpful in spying WhatsApp activity. It is able to tack other features like messages, photos, GPS and monitor call history. It is suitable for an iPhone or iPad.

More options

The market is choking with WhatsApp activity monitoring software. While the above 8 apps are among the most popular, there are other options including;

  • Spy Phone App

  • Bosspy

  • Easy phone track

  • Mobile spy

  • Mobistealth

  • Spy human

  • Phone monitor

  • Mobile monitor

  • Kids mobile monitoring

All these spy apps are available at different prices and thus the user can make use of the most convenient app.

However, most often there will be a lot of information that may not be useful in your spy mission. To avoid a whole junk of information on your own device, you could put specific items on your watch list through the application.

This enables you to keep track of specific chats with specific persons or groups. The user can also use some buzzwords that will notify you certain conversations start for example “clubbing”, “Drinking” or any other thing that you think your kid should stay away from.


Monitoring the internet activity of your child and especially free social platforms like WhatsApp should be a must-task for the parent. This will enable you to protect the kid from the cruel internet that may cause more harm than good to the kid.

This is also very helpful in parenting as it may help you out when you realize that your child has developed some vices that may be internet-related.

However, it is also important for parents to realize that kids may be beyond us in terms of the internet. Therefore they should equip themselves with proper defense, for instance, if they find out that they are being spied on.

In such scenarios, you should be able to explain to the kid the reason why the reason behind monitoring their whatsapp activities. Moreover, as parents, we should realize that having open conversations with our kids surpasses any spying device on them.

Importantly, with a healthy parent-child conversation and relationship, kids may be able to open up about things that bother them concerning the internet.

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