Hidden Cameras

Mini Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger

Mini Hidden Camera USB Wall ChargerUSB Wall Charger Hidden Camera These days, USB adapters are incredibly common. We use them to charge phones and tablets. Apparently, they also make a great spot to conceal a hidden camera. That is exactly the case with this mini camera USB charger. Record hours of footage and improve your security. Keep an Eye on... Read More »

Hidden Spy Clothes Hook Camera

Hidden Spy Clothes Hook CameraClothes Hook 1280p Hidden Camera A clothing hook is one of the last places that someone would look for a hidden camera. This unique solution for hiding a spy cam makes home security easier. Record beautiful, clear video without anyone suspecting they are being recorded. If you want a simple surveillance solution, keep reading to... Read More »

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Smoke Detector Hidden CameraMotion Activated Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy cameras are becoming smaller and easier to conceal. They can be hidden in objects that you’ll find in any home. With this smoke detector hidden spy cam, the miniature camera is hidden inside plastic housing resembling a smoke detector. If you’re looking for improved home security, or a... Read More »

Spy Pen Hidden Camera with Night Vision

Spy Pen Hidden Camera with Night VisionSpy Pen Hidden Camera with Night Vision Night Vision Spy Pen Hidden Camera The pen is mightier than the sword – especially if the pen contains a hidden camera. With this HD camera pen, you can record video in almost any setting. Whether you’re at home, shopping, or at the office, this pen offers simple... Read More »

Spy Pen Hidden Camera

Spy Pen Hidden CameraMini Hidden Camera Pen With a hidden camera inside a pen, you can enjoy stealthy security in any setting. Secretly record conversations, set up a nanny cam, or snap photos. But, what about the quality of the videos and photos? Does this pen offer improved safety? Check out the rest of this review to find... Read More »

Digital Clock Hidden Camera

Digital Clock Hidden CameraWi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera Clock Keep an eye on your babysitter or pets while you’re away. With a hidden camera located inside a clock, you can secretly record what happens when you’re not at home. But, is this spy cam your best option? You get a fully operational HD camera hidden within an ordinary digital... Read More »

Water Bottle Hidden Camera

Water Bottle Hidden Camera32GB Water Bottle Spy Camera A hidden camera is only as good as the object that it’s hidden inside. With this spy cam, the camera is concealed in a real water bottle. Casually sip water from the bottle while secretly recording. Along with the unique cover, there are other benefits to explore. Here’s a closer... Read More »