Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker

Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker

Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker Review

Are you worried about the theft of your vehicle? Featuring a strong magnet, you can easily attach and track this GPS car tracker.

Intended for wireless tracking, this electronic lets you keep an eye on the location of your prized possessions. But, will it include the features that you need?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this magnet GPS car tracker.

Magnetically Attach Your GPS Tracker

You can now track a car, truck, or motorcycle with the help of a tiny GPS tracker. Measuring less than 4-inches, this compact device is hard to detect and easy to operate.

The tracker can be used in any conditions, thanks to a durable, waterproof exterior. Rain, snow, and cold temperatures will not penetrate the rugged shell.

It also features a powerful magnet. You can quickly and discreetly attach the GPS tracker to the metal surface of a vehicle or large equipment. The magnet keeps it in place without the need for tape or adhesives.

Receive Instant SMS and Mobile Notifications

Before you can start tracking, you will need to install a SIM card, which is not provided. Make sure that you get a 2G network SIM card, to ensure compatibility.

Once connected to a network, you can receive updates via SMS text messages or through the mobile app. The device will send updates, allowing you to track movement and routes.

Unfortunately, this does not allow for real-time tracking. Instead, you can receive GPS location updates using the SMS notifications.

Along with SMS and mobile messages, web monitoring is available. Sign up through the company’s website to register and track your device.

Whether you choose SMS, app, or web monitoring, you’ll need to follow the detailed instructions. If you overlook a step, you may have trouble completing set up.

Sleep Mode Allows 60 Days of Monitoring

The built-in battery lets you continue to monitor and track vehicles for up to 60 days. This is how long the battery tends to last before it needs charging.

To ensure 60 days of use, the GPS tracker enters sleep mode. It can be activated when movement is detected or at a specific time. You can also change these settings through the mobile or web application.

The USB charger and the SIM card access are concealed along the side of the device. The opposite side offers a spot for attaching a lanyard. You even get a small bag with a drawstring to store the device and accessories.

Is This GPS Tracker Right for You?

Everyone has their own needs when it comes to GPS tracking. While this device lacks real-time tracking, you can receive instant notifications via SMS messages. Using this data, you can track a stolen vehicle or heavy equipment.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a SIM card and network to use all the features, which is common with GPS trackers.

If you simply want an easy GPS tracker, this is a good start. The strong magnet secures the unit to nearly anything and can offer worldwide location tracking, depending on the network that you choose.

Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker

Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

7.5 /10


8.0 /10


  • Features a strong magnet for easy placement
  • Battery provides up to 60 days of use


  • Does not offer real-time tracking
  • Requires a separate SIM card and network

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