Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Vehicle GPS Tracking System Review

Do you need to track a car? With no monthly fees, you can get started with this GPS tracking system. Monitor the movement of any vehicle with precise accuracy.

What else can you expect? Read the rest of this review to learn more…

Strong Magnets for Quick and Easy Placement

The first thing to stand out is the sleek design of the GPS tracker. It has a seamless outer shell, made of waterproof material.

You can use this tracker just about anywhere. The waterproof casing protects against rain and severe weather.

Connecting this GPS tracker to a vehicle is also quick and painless. Using strong magnets, you can simply attach the unit to any metal surface.

Whether you plan on using this for anti-theft, teen driving, or covert tracking, the waterproof case and strong magnets protect the tracker.

You will not have to worry about damage to the device or having it fall from the vehicle.

The GPS tracker will continue to operate for about 2 months before the 12000mAh battery requires charging, which is about standard for one of these GPS devices.

You may only need to recharge the battery every few months. While the battery only lasts for about 2 months, it can enter standby mode for up to 4 months.

Precise Real-Time Tracking and SMS Messaging

Like most GPS trackers, you will need a SIM card and a GSM/GPRS network service. If you’ve already got a mobile service with a 2G network, then you just need a SIM card to get started.

When setting up the SIM card and connecting to the network, you need to have patience. The setup process can be complicated, especially if you overlook one of the steps.

After choosing a service and connecting your device, you have multiple options for viewing the GPS data. You can receive SMS messages or track the device using a mobile app or the internet.

With mobile or internet monitoring, you can get real-time tracking. Know exactly where your vehicle is at any time, within 5 to 10 meters. You can view maps and trace the exact route of the GPS tracker, along with dates, times, and speeds.

Multifunction Tracker for Multiple Uses

The design of the tracker and the connection settings are just a couple of the main benefits. It also offers you several functions for a variety of uses.

You can monitor movement or speed. You can even set up alerts to receive instant notification if the device starts moving or when the battery is low.

This versatility gives you plenty of ways to use this GPS tracker.

Review your teen’s driving by checking their driving history, safety, and overall performance. Or, protect your vehicle against theft. You could even place it in a backpack to track children or the elderly.

Summary – Is This GPS Tracker Worth Your Time?

If you want a GPS device without monthly fees, this could be the right choice. It features strong magnets and a compact shape so that you can place it on anything and track it anywhere. There are no real drawbacks, but you should pay close attention to the instructions.

Overall, it’s a convenient GPS tracker that covers all the basic features that you may need.

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Vehicle GPS Tracking System


10.0 /10


5.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • Strong magnets secure the device in place
  • o monthly fees (2G network still required)
  • 120 days of standby mode
  • Compact size for easy placement


  • Set up can be complicated

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