Law Grade Hidden Camera and GPS Sweeper

Law Grade Hidden Camera and GPS Sweeper

PRO Sweep Deluxe Bug Detector Review

Listening devices, GPS trackers, and hidden cameras could be keeping an eye on you. With the help of this professional bug detector, you could locate these devices.

Keep reading to find out how this device can help you stay safe.

Widest Detection Range of Any Handheld Sweeper

Modern spy equipment uses a higher frequency, which means your detector needs to be able to scan these frequencies. This deluxe bug detector has the widest detection range of any handheld sweeper.

Picking up frequencies between 10MHZ and 10GHZ, you can weed out modern audio and video surveillance equipment.

The device also fits in the palm of your hand. You can secretly scan for equipment without getting detected. As with other Spy Matrix devices, it has been designed for simple operation.

Detect All Transmitting Devices in Your Area

What type of devices can you find? Almost any device that transmits information to another device can be detected.

You can scan for a wide range of surveillance equipment, such as hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and wiretaps. You can also sweep for telephone transmitters and wireless microphones.

The device comes with everything that you need to get started. The detector is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

While wearing the provided headphones, scan your surroundings. You should have no problem locating bugs and other equipment.

Though, you won’t be able to detect devices that don’t transmit. If a hidden camera stores video on an internal micro SD card, instead of transmitting to a computer via WIFI, this sweeper will not detect it using the RF frequency scanner.

If you’re worried about devices that you can’t detect, including audio devices, you can use the white noise generator.

Turn the volume up to generate white noise up to 50 decibels. This will drown out other sounds and prevent the listening devices from picking up any usable audio.

Locate Hidden Cameras with the Lens Finder

While this detector cannot scan for devices that don’t transmit, you can use the lens finder to help you locate hidden cameras.

The detachable lens finder uses bright LED lights. As you point the device around the room, the LED lights should create a reflection of any lenses in the immediate area.

Along with the detachable lens finder, you get a few other accessories.

The detector comes with telephone cables and a jack connector to search for wiretaps. You also get a handy wrist strap and earphones.


Scanning for electronics and hidden cameras requires the right technology. This little device packs a large variety of features, including the ability to scan for transmitting devices.

Easily search for transmitting audio and video equipment. Or, use the lens finder to reflect light off hidden camera lenses.

For professional quality surveillance detection, consider this handheld device.

Law Grade Hidden Camera and GPS Sweeper

Law Grade Hidden Camera and GPS Sweeper


  • Easy to use
  • Wide frequency range
  • Includes detachable lens finder


  • Expensive

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