Low Cost Bug Detector

Low Cost Bug Detector

Low Cost Anti Spy Detector and Device Finder Review

If you’re worried about someone recording a meeting or otherwise spying on you, this spy detector could help you out.

This handheld device is capable of scanning for the presence of hidden cameras and other security devices. Though, it does have a few limitations.

Find out whether this spy detector will give you peace of mind…

Scan for Hidden Camera Lenses

Now you have the power to detect hidden cameras. You get everything that you need to start detecting. This includes the detector itself, along with a charger, an earphone, and the user manual.

You can take this device with you anywhere, as it fits in the palm of your hand. The entire unit measures just 2.6×1.9×0.6-inches.

The power switch, earphone jack, and RF signal adjustment are conveniently located on the side. Along the front face is the various LED lights that help you search for devices.

Using bright LED lights, the gadget can help you pinpoint the presence of spy cams. It does so by shining the LED lights, which creates a reflection on hidden camera lenses.

The detector should be able to find most wireless cameras. Though, the light reflection is just one method of detecting hidden cameras.

Using RF frequency detection, the detector can help locate cameras and even listening devices.

Handheld Spy Detector Fits in Your Hand

If you’re worried about hidden cameras in a hotel or bathroom, simply take the device out and start detecting.

The device relies on an internal battery for power, which you can charge using the provided charging cable.

When using the RF detector, you can get 15 hours of operation before draining the battery. When shining the bright LED lights, you can operate for about 6 hours.

LED Status Indicator Helps Locate Devices

To help you locate cameras and other spy devices, the detector has a 4-signal strength LED status indicator. You can adjust the lens detector mode to different flashing frequencies.

At first glance, the device can be confusing. There are various LED lights and buttons on the detector, which can make operation confusing.

Make sure that you fully read the instructional manual to understand how each of the detection settings works.

Along with scanning RF frequencies, the detector can scan for WIFI Bluetooth devices, wireless audio, and video transmission frequencies.


With the threat of invasion of your privacy becoming more real, it is helpful to have a device that can sniff out spy cameras. But, it can be difficult to understand how this detector works.

Once you get past the instructions, you’ll find the detector works as advertised. By pointing the LED lights around the room, it can help spot cameras, while the other setting helps you detect other transmitting devices.

Overall, it’s durable, compact, and suitable for basic spy detection.

Low Cost Bug Detector

Low Cost Bug Detector


  • Offers multiple ways to detect spy cameras
  • The device can detect listening devices
  • Equipped with rechargeable battery
  • Compact size lets you discreetly scan for devices


  • The detector can be confusing to use without instructions

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