Digital Clock Hidden Camera

Digital Clock Hidden Camera

Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Keep an eye on your babysitter or pets while you’re away. With a hidden camera located inside a clock, you can secretly record what happens when you’re not at home. But, is this spy cam your best option?

You get a fully operational HD camera hidden within an ordinary digital clock. It’s compact, battery-operated, and features WIFI connectivity. Learn more about this hidden spy camera clock.

Compact Spy Camera Inside a Clock

A digital clock makes sense as a hiding place for a spy cam. The lens is carefully hidden along the front face of the clock. The clock is also very compact, measuring just 2.6 x 3.31 x 7-inches. Placed on a shelf or next to your TV, it blends right in with your other electronics.

Record Video at Full High-Definition

Despite the small size of the camera, you get a large field of view thanks to the 168-degree wide angle lens. Combined with 1080p video recording, you’re sure to capture anything that happens.

And, don’t need to leave the lights on. The camera is equipped with night vision, using invisible infrared lights. The invisible infrared lights are located along the front face of the clock and are completely undetectable.

As with most electronics these days, your footage will get saved to a microSD memory card. With support for up to 64GB cards, you can record about 12 hours of footage in 1080p.

Along with the 1080p video, you can record at lower resolutions. This includes settings for 720, 480, and 240p video.

Using one of the lower resolutions, you can record more video. This option can be useful if you’re using a smaller memory card. Though, keep in mind that a lower resolution can result in grainy footage.

Watch Live Video from any Location

You can also view the video while on the go. After installing an app on your Android or Apple smartphone, you can watch live video and even playback video recorded to the memory card.

The other mobile app features depend on the type of phone you own. You can set the camera to send an alarm to your phone when motion is detected. But, this only works on Android devices. For those with iOS phones, you can set a time to begin recording.

Setup is easy, but you’ll need 2.4G WIFI as 5G isn’t supported. After inserting the microSD card, installing the mobile app, and positioning the camera, you’re ready to record.


The main benefit of this hidden spy camera clock is the ability to view the video via the mobile app. It’s also discreet, easy to use, and records clear video – even in the dark. Anywhere that you go, you get the peace of mind of being able to check on your home or office.

Digital Clock Hidden Camera

Digital Clock Hidden Camera


  • Night vision with infrared lights
  • Support for 64GB microSD cards
  • Mobile app for live video viewing


  • Records at 15fps
  • Some mobile features only work on specific phone types
  • Does not support 5G WIFI networks (2.4G only)

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