Hidden Spy Clothes Hook Camera

Hidden Spy Clothes Hook Camera

Clothes Hook 1280p Hidden Camera

A clothing hook is one of the last places that someone would look for a hidden camera. This unique solution for hiding a spy cam makes home security easier. Record beautiful, clear video without anyone suspecting they are being recorded.

If you want a simple surveillance solution, keep reading to discover the advantages of this clothes hook hidden camera…

Undetectable Hidden Camera in a Clothes Hook

As mentioned, the camera is concealed inside an ordinary clothes hook. You can secure the hook to any wall in your home and even hang a coat or jacket. Though, it’s recommended that you avoid heavy objects.

You’ll notice two hooks, but the on/off switch and the pinhole lens are carefully hidden behind the upper hook. With one-button operation, you can quickly operate the camera without the use of a remote control or a mobile app.

The camera uses motion detection. Just press the button to get started. As soon as motion is detected, the camera starts rolling.

Secretly Record Several Hours of Video

Choose between 960p and 480p video resolutions. With the higher resolution, you’ll get sharper video. But, the files will take up more space on your memory card.

Transferring video files to your computer for viewing is easy, as the video gets stored on a micro SD card. The camera supports cards up to 16GB in size.

The max video resolution and the 16GB card limit are not the highest available, but it should be sufficient for general surveillance.

For example, you can record several hours of 960p footage on the card before running out of space. With the lower setting, you can get about 8 hours of video.

The lighting in the room can impact the quality of your video, on either resolution setting. For best results, place the clothes hook camera in a brightly lit room. While the camera can record decent video in low-light settings, you get better clarity with bright light.

Charge the Camera with the Provided USB Cable

You get two options for charging the camera and transferring video. This device comes equipped with a USB cable, which can either be connected to a computer or a USB adapter.

While connected to a computer, you can also directly transfer video. Or, remove the microSD card and insert it into a card reader.


Overall, this hidden camera offers a combination of advantages and limitations. The drawbacks include the 16GB microSD card limit and the lower resolution video settings.

But, it is also a low-cost option for adding security to your home.

You can easily secure the clothes hanger to any wall and even hang clothes off the hooks. If you’re interested in increased security and don’t want to spend a lot, this could be the camera you’ve been searching for.

Hidden Spy Clothes Hook Camera

Hidden Spy Clothes Hook Camera


  • Low-cost solution for installing a hidden camera
  • One-button operation and motion detection
  • Use as a normal clothes hook


  • The clothes hook may not support heavy clothing
  • Works best in brightly lit rooms

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