Mini Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger

Mini Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger

USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera

These days, USB adapters are incredibly common. We use them to charge phones and tablets. Apparently, they also make a great spot to conceal a hidden camera.

That is exactly the case with this mini camera USB charger. Record hours of footage and improve your security.

Keep an Eye on Your Business or Home Office

As with most hidden cameras, this camera is concealed within an ordinary object. In this case, the object is a USB adapter, which you’ll find in most homes and offices. And, of course, the adapter works for charging your smartphone.

You can plug the adapter into an electric outlet, connect a USB cable, and then charge your electronics or smartphone. Though, this placement also leads to a potential drawback.

By placing the USB adapter camera in an outlet, you may have a limited view of the room. In smaller rooms, this could prevent you from capturing anything else above a certain height, such as faces. Consider placing the adapter in an outlet located high on the wall, to avoid this issue.

Record Up to 24 Hours of Footage

While placement may be an issue, storage for your video is not a problem with this mini cam. It comes equipped with 128GB of built-in memory, so you don’t need to deal with tiny microSD cards. Simply connect the device to your computer to transfer video files.

With 128GB of space, you can expect about 16 to 24 hours of footage. Though, you can also record directly to the memory card on your phone.

Using an available mobile app, video and images can stream to your smartphone. For this option to work, you’ll need to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.

Once connected, you can remotely view your camera from any location and receive instant notifications. With the notifications, you’ll receive an alert the second the motion detection feature is activated.

Never Miss a Thing with Loop Recording

What do you do when the built-in memory card runs out of space? Thanks to loop recording, the camera keeps on filming. When you fill up the internal memory, the camera automatically records over the oldest files.

The combination of loop recording, motion detection, and internal memory should handle your typical home surveillance needs.


The USB mini wall camera has several highlights and one possible disadvantage. When connecting the camera to an electrical outlet located near the ground, you may not capture the entire room.

But, there are also a few advantages.

You don’t need to use a microSD card to store video and you can easily connect the camera to your local WIFI to record video directly to your phone. Enjoy the quality video and intuitive controls.

Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger

Hidden Camera USB Wall Charger


  • Features 128GB built-in memory
  • Works with a mobile app for phone connection
  • Includes motion detection and loop recording


  • Placement may limit field of view
  • Some settings require a WIFI connection

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