Digital Mini Voice Recorder

Digital Mini Voice Recorder

Digital Mini Voice Recorder Review

The size of a quarter, this mini voice recorder can be used virtually anywhere. Record conversations, lectures, meetings, and more.

Designed for a variety of uses, a compact voice recorder can be a useful tool. If you’re currently searching for the right one, then take a moment to learn more about this voice-activated recorder.

Unique Design Fits in Your Pocket

When you unbox the voice recorder, you get everything necessary to begin recording. This includes a USB cable and the device itself.

You can fit the recorder in a pocket, the palm of your hand, or in your purse, for secretive recording in any situation. It measures just 1.22 x 1.06 x 0.41-inches.

The function buttons are located along the edges, while the back includes the USB connection for recharging the internal battery.

Simply connect the recorder to a USB adapter or computer to start charging. Within an hour, you’ll have a fully charged battery, ready for 24 hours of continuous recording.

While connected to a computer, you can also transfer your audio files. The files are saved in WAV format, which is readable by most audio and media players.

Record Nearly 300 Hours of Audio

The recorder uses 4GB of internal memory to store your audio. You can record the longest lectures or most detailed notes, with up to 286 hours of audio files fitting on the internal memory card.

You also have the option of changing the recording quality. Choose a lower quality to fit more sound or the highest quality for exceptionally clear audio.

Changing these settings is done using the little buttons on the side of the device. There is a mini LCD screen that displays the current options, which some people may find to be hard to read.

In addition to the sound quality, you can use the menu to turn on password protection. This protects your audio files from eavesdroppers, by setting a 4-digit PIN number.

Use Voice Activation to Start Recording

Operating this little device is easy. Using the voice activation sensor, the recorder will automatically begin recording when it detects sound.

It will then pause recording when there is no sound. This lets you save space in the internal memory while making sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Along with this voice activation feature, you can switch to continuous recording. With a battery that lasts up to 24 hours, you can record around the clock. It even records while charging.

Conclusion – Should You Consider Getting this Voice Recorder?

This little voice recorder packs a lot of audio. The main advantages are a large storage capacity and the voice activation.

You can store up to 286 hours of recordings. And, the voice activation helps save space on the internal memory card by pausing the recording when there is no sound.

Overall, these are wonderful features. But, some people may have trouble reading the tiny LCD screen. Keep in mind that you only need to view the screen when changing the settings.

If you’re looking for one of the smallest voice recorders, capable of delivering clear audio, then try this handy little device.

Digital Mini Voice Recorder

Digital Mini Voice Recorder


  • Compact size for discreet operation
  • Voice activation sensor for auto recording
  • Comes with 4GB of internal memory
  • Features password protection


  • The menu is small and may be difficult to read

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