Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Digital Voice Recorder Pen Review

When your pen is also a digital voice recorder, no one will know that you’re recording. Along with this discreet use, you could also record meetings or personal memos. Take it anywhere to record virtually anything.

If you’re currently looking for a digital recorder, learn more about this pen that doubles as a digital voice recorder. Find out if it has the features you need.

Mini Recorder Looks Just Like a Real Pen

With this product, you get a digital recorder that looks like a real pen. Though, it can do much more. While you could use it to sign your name, you can also press a single button to start recording audio.

It has been designed for quick and easy use. The button is located on the top of the pen. Press the button for two seconds to start or stop recording.

Includes 8GB of Internal Memory

Your audio gets saved to internal memory. With 8GB of memory, you can record hours of sound before needing to transfer files to your computer.

Typically, this should offer enough space for over 24 hours of audio. But, the voice recorder pen will only operate continuously for about 6 hours before the battery is drained.

It also has a standby feature, to help conserve battery life. This could extend the battery to 360 hours on a full charge.

Record Natural Sound with Advanced Technology

You also get quality audio playback, due to DSP denoising technology. This helps eliminate static and hissing in the audio.

The audio is recorded in WAV format, which is readable by any audio player. When you’re ready to listen to your audio, you just need to connect the device to your computer.

To connect the recorder, you simply unscrew the lower and upper sections of the pen. You then connect the recorder to your computer via a USB cable, which is also how you charge the device.

You get everything that you need to start recording. You get the pen, a USB cable, and pen refills.

Who Should Think About Getting this Recorder?

This stylish pen doubles as a digital voice recorder, for recording audio in almost any setting. It’s easy to use and can really work as a pen. This lets you carry it anywhere and secretly record audio.

But, if your primary purpose is to record long lectures or meetings, this might not meet your needs. The battery only lasts about 6 hours while recording continuously. Though, this should be sufficient for surveillance use or note taking.

In the end, this is a quality product, with just a couple minor limitations. If you want to dictate notes to yourself, secretly record conversations, or simply want a new electronic toy, then keep this gadget in mind.

Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Digital Voice Recorder Pen


  • You get a stylish pen that really writes
  • Easy to operate with a single button
  • Includes 8GB of internal memory


  • Does not include any extra features or settings
  • The battery is limited to 6 hours of continuous use

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