Mini Clip Voice Recorder

Mini Clip Voice Recorder

Mini Clip Small Voice Recorder Review

Mini audio recorders let you capture sound wherever you go. But, they are not all equal in design.

Designed for convenience, this versatile digital voice recorder offers numerous features that are worth examining in further detail. Here is a closer look…

Small Digital Recorder with Extra Accessories

The tiny audio recorder provides a convenient solution for portable recording. It fits in your hand and includes a single button for operating the device.

You don’t even have to plug the device into a computer to listen to your audio files. The recorder includes a built-in speaker and a headphone jack.

There is also a tiny LCD display and a scroll menu. This lets you quickly browse your files and playback the audio.

Other highlights include time/date stamps on your audio files and the inclusion of a metal clip to keep you from losing your recorder. You also get an instruction manual, headphones, the battery pack, and a USB cable.

Enjoy 72 Hours of Continuous Audio Recording

The recorder is powered by an internal battery, with enough juice to let you record for about 7 hours. But, you can extend this to 72 hours with the provided battery pack and portable charger.

Before you start recording, you can adjust the audio settings to suit the environment. The audio is picked up by a built-in microphone with 3 separate sensitivity settings. Choose the lowest quality to get more audio or a higher quality to get superior sound.

The device records in MP3 format, which is readable by most media players. It also records at 128Kbps, which is near CD-quality. With this audio quality, you can fit about 1152 hours of audio files on the 8GB internal memory.

You have two different options to start recording. You can either use the voice activated setting to automatically start recording when sound is picked up. Or, you can choose continuous recording to keep taping until you stop the device.

Easily Transfer Your Files to Any Computer

While you can listen to your audio files on the go, you can also transfer them to your computer. Works with Windows and Mac PCs. Plug in the provided USB cable to start transferring.

Once connected, the device should show up as an external drive on your computer. You can then copy the files, burn them to a CD, or transfer them to a separate audio player. You could even transfer them to your smartphone.

Concluding Thoughts on the Mini Clip Voice Recorder

The main difference between this recorder and some of your other options is the audio that it captures. It records MP3 format audio, instead of WAV, which takes up a little less space on a computer or memory card. This lets you squeeze up to 1152 hours of audio on the 8GB device.

The only drawback is the internal battery, which lasts about 7 hours. Luckily, you also get a portable battery charger, capable of extending use up to 72 hours.

Overall, it’s a great buy with useful features for a variety of uses. This mini clip voice recorder is perfect for recording on the go.

Mini Clip Voice Recorder

Mini Clip Voice Recorder


  • Compact size with a convenient clip
  • Includes a wide variety of features
  • Comes with headphones and a built-in speaker
  • Equipped with a battery pack to extend use


  • Internal battery only lasts about 7 hours

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