Mini Voice Activated Voice Recorder

Mini Voice Activated Voice Recorder

Digital Mini Voice Activated Recorder Review

Due to the compact size of this voice recorder, you can secretly record conversations without anyone knowing. Covertly record family, employees, or even your nanny!

A small device is useful for secretive recording. But, there is more to consider. Explore the rest of the features to learn more…

You Can Secretly Capture Conversations

As mentioned, this digital recorder is small, which makes it easy to hide. It measures 1.65×0.7×0.35-inches. This is a little smaller than a standard USB drive.

You can discreetly start recording or place it in a room and retrieve the audio later. You could also use it for note taking or other personal use.

For covert operation or quick memos, the digital voice recorder features one-button operation. You simply press the switch to start or stop the device.

There are also no lights to draw people’s attention to the device.

Along with the on/off switch, the only other visible feature on the exterior is the USB port. This is for connecting the device to your computer and charging the battery.

Record Up to 20 Hours on a Single Charge

Your audio files get stored on an internal memory card. With 8GB of built-in memory, this lets you fit up to 90 hours of recordings.

Even though you can store about 90 hours of audio, it will operate for about 20 hours before the battery dies out.

To recharge, simply plug it into a computer or USB adapter. The charge time is short, so you can quickly get back to recording.

The built-in microphone can pick up sound up to 10 to 15 feet away while recording at 192Kbps. Unless you’re recording in a large hall, your captured audio should be clear, without a lot of distortion or static.

The audio is further enhanced with intelligent noise reduction to deliver CD-quality sound.

Includes a Voice Activated Sensor

The final feature to consider is the voice-activated sensor. It starts recording automatically if any sounds get detected.

After hiding the device in a room, you can let the voice sensor take care of the rest. It also stops recording when the sounds stop.

The voice-activated sensor offers numerous advantages, including conserving the battery and the internal storage. And, it also ensures you don’t miss any part of a conversation.

All audio files contain date and time stamps for easy reference or validation. You can listen to your files on any device capable of playing WAV format audio. This includes any computer or phone.

Last Thoughts on the Voice-Activated Recorder

There are plenty of useful features included in this mini digital recorder. You get a compact device that can capture exceptional audio.

You also don’t need to deal with complicated buttons or menus. You simply press a switch to start the voice-activated sensor.

The sensor is great, but there is one drawback. You cannot turn this feature off. Similar recorders sometimes allow you to switch to continuous recording.

The bottom line is that this portable voice recorder can get the job done. You can keep recording for up to 20 hours before needing to recharge the battery. And, you always get clear, smooth audio.

Mini Voice Activated Voice Recorder

Mini Voice Activated Voice Recorder


  • Records up to 90 hours of CD-quality sound
  • One-button operation and voice-activated sensor
  • Compact size is easy to hide or conceal


  • Voice activation cannot be turned off

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