Mini Voice Recorder Keychain

Mini Voice Recorder Keychain

Keychain Ball Mini Voice Recorder Review

Do you need to secretly record a conversation? Do you ever need to remind yourself of something important? This keychain ball voice recorder may be able to help.

Built like a regular keychain, you can keep this device attached to your keys, so you always have a portable recorder handy. Keep reading to discover the rest of the details.

Original Design with No Visible Buttons

At first glance, this device looks just like an ordinary keychain. It’s shaped like a mini, black disco ball. Though, it is really a digital voice recorder.

The ball measures less than 2-inches, easily fitting in your pocket, and has no visible buttons. That is because the buttons are concealed inside.

You unscrew the top and bottom half of the ball to reveal the on/off button and the function button.

With voice activation, the recorder will only begin recording when there is sound present. It then stops recording during silence. Basically, you can set it and forget it.

Ultra-Sensitive Microphone Picks Up Great Audio

The microphone and battery are both built into the unit, so they remain undetectable from the outside. There are also no indicator lights to give away the fact that you’re using a recording device.

The powerful microphone is capable of recording 512Kbps audio for crystal clear audio. Though, this data rate is only available with the voice-activated setting.

When you switch to continuous recording, the device will record at 192Kbps, which is still CD-quality audio. Basically, whichever setting you choose, you get great audio.

Your audio files will also contain timestamps. This is a useful feature, to keep track of your audio files or for use as evidence.

With the built-in memory, you can store about 132 hours of high-quality audio. But, the battery will last you about 32 hours before it needs to recharge.

When the time comes, you can charge the battery using a USB cable. The cable then connects to a USB adapter or your computer.

Connect to Your Mac or Windows Computer

When connecting the digital recorder to your computer, you can easily transfer your audio files. This works with both Mac and Windows computers.

No special software is necessary. From recording to transferring your files, every step of using this device is designed for simplicity.

Summary of the Keychain Ball Personal Recorder

You could use this keychain voice recorder for a variety of reasons. You could record meetings or presentations, dictate notes to yourself, or subtly record audio.

This device is especially useful for the last option. You don’t need to worry about lights, visible buttons, or any other indicators that you’ve got a handheld recorder.

The quality of the audio is also above par. This is due to the sensitive microphone that will work in large or small areas.

You can get about 132 hours of audio before filling up the internal storage and continue recording for 32 hours before needing to charge the battery. That is a lot of audio for such a tiny device.

If you want a hidden voice recorder that you can carry anywhere, this voice-activated digital recorder deserves your consideration.

Mini Voice Recorder Keychain

Mini Voice Recorder Keychain


  • Unique design is perfect for covert recording
  • Powerful microphone picks up great audio
  • Battery lasts about 32 hours


  • Only includes 2 recording modes

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