Hidden Mini Spy Camera

Hidden Mini Spy Camera

Hidden Mini Wireless Camera

Electronics are becoming smaller and more interconnected. With this mini wireless camera, you can stream video directly to your smartphone.

Useful for home or personal security, the camera is smaller than your thumb, allowing for discreet recording. Explore the rest of the benefits of this mini spy camera.

Conceal Your Mini Camera in Any Room

When you need portable home security, a small camera like this can come in handy. Measuring less than 2-inches in length, you could conceal this camera behind a bookcase or on your person.

Other potential uses include car monitoring, baby monitoring, meeting recording, or even as a PC camera.

The small device has several buttons located along one side, for quick and simple operation. This includes the on/off button and buttons for photo snapshots or video recording.

Infrared Light for Superior Night Recording

You can use this spy camera in low-light situations, with black infrared lights. The LED lights don’t light up, which keeps your camera hidden but lets the lens see up to 16 feet in dark settings.

The video is recorded at 1080p and is stored on a micro SD card or streamed to your smartphone. You can fit hours of HD video, with support for up to 128GB memory cards.

You’ll also enjoy the clarity of the videos, thanks to video stabilization and a 140-degree wide angle lens.

The combination of HD resolution, stabilization, and infrared lights results in superior video footage compared to other spy cameras in this price range.

With the addition of loop recording, you never have to deal with a full memory card. The camera keeps on filming by saving new video files over the oldest files.

Another useful feature is the date and time stamp. The camera will automatically add the date and time to the video, making it admissible as evidence.

Stream Live Video to Your Phone

You can stream video directly to your smartphone. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you get to keep an eye on things at home. This requires the use of the mobile app and connection to your home WIFI.

When using for home security, connect the camera to the USB cable for a continuous power supply. Otherwise, you run the risk of draining the battery.

Fully charged, you can expect about 2 hours of use during the daytime and 1.5 hours of use when using night vision.

You may notice the camera gets a little hot during continuous use. But, there have been no reports of overheating or damage.

Once set up, you can use your camera with an iPhone, Android phone, or even your tablet.


This mini spy camera works great and should meet most of your home or mobile security needs. It can record video at high resolution and works in light or dark settings.

While it does have a limited battery life, you can continue to record when connected to a USB cable. Overall, it’s a discreet solution that is easy to use and to set up.

Hidden Mini Spy Camera

Hidden Mini Spy Camera


  • Small size is easy to hide
  • Records 1080p video
  • Supports 128GB micro SD cards


  • Limited battery life
  • Camera heats up during continuous use

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