Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision

Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision

Mini Camera with IR Night Vision Review

If you want private security, a spy camera is a useful tool. This cube-shaped device can be hidden and set to begin recording when motion is detected.

But, before you make a purchase, you should explore all the benefits. Here is a closer look at this mini camera with night vision.

Easy to Operate Cube-Shaped Camera

You can record video without people noticing. The camera is shaped like a cube, which makes it easy to hide.

The buttons are located on the side, for easy access. Press a button to take a snapshot or begin recording.

While the small size does make it easy to hide behind objects, you may have trouble hiding the camera on your person. The camera is thick enough to make it difficult to hide in a pocket or behind a button. But, it could be carefully concealed on a shelf, desk, or inside a box.

Another option is to use this device as a computer camera. It comes with a clip, allowing you to position it on your desk next to your computer.

The small size also makes this an ideal solution for recording sports and physical activities.

Capture HD Video with Enhanced Night Vision

Regardless of how you use the camera, you can record high-quality images and video in full 1080p HD. There are 8 built-in infrared lights to help provide enhanced night vision. This lets you get a clear shot, even in a dimly lit room.

Whether you choose to use this as a nanny cam, computer camera, or for portable security, you’re sure to get quality video.

Multiple Functions for Increased Versatility

Along with recording discreet video, you can snap individual pictures. Or, use the motion detection to protect your home.

You can click the button to quickly switch between the 3 different camera modes. This includes snapshot, video recording, and motion detection.

With snapshot mode, you can capture high-quality photographs. The camera takes 12-megapixel photos, with a resolution of 4032×3024 pixels.

Your photos and videos get stored on a micro SD card. The max support is 32GB micro SD cards, which should allow for close to 2 hours of HD video footage.

Other highlights include time stamps and a high-capacity lithium battery. The internal battery lasts for about 100 minutes.

The battery life is limited, but the charge time is short. Connect the camera to the provided micro USB cable to charge the battery in just a couple hours.

If connected to your computer, you can also transfer your video files while charging. This works with most modern computers, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows PCs.


Everyone has their own security needs. But, this spy camera can handle a variety of tasks.

Along with home security, you can use it for sports recording or as a webcam. It even offers quality video in dark settings, thanks to the infrared lights.

If you want a miniature camera that serves multiple purposes, this is a great buy.

Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision

Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision


  • Take photos or record HD video
  • Compact size suitable for sports recording and hidden security
  • Includes a clip to use the device as a computer camera


  • The camera may be too large to hide on your person
  • The battery life is limited to 100 minutes

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