Portable Mini Button Spy Camera

Portable Mini Button Spy Camera

Button HD Spy Camera Review

If you’re in need of video surveillance, this button spy camera could provide an answer. The lens is small and hidden by a button, which can be carefully concealed in your clothing. Secretly record meetings and interactions without anyone noticing.

For more details, examine the rest of the benefits of this portable recorder.

Portable Video Surveillance or Home Security

When you’re trying to secretly record a conversation, you need to make sure that the other party doesn’t see your camera. With this device, set up is easy.

Choose a dark shirt or jacket with a front pocket and then place the button through the buttonhole.

It comes equipped with 2 meters of line with a USB connection. This means that you can connect it to a computer, laptop, USB adapter, or external power bank.

If you plan on using the camera for mobile security, you will need to purchase a separate power supply. The battery can then be hidden in your pocket, while the camera lens pokes out through a shirt pocket.

While the primary purpose is portable surveillance, you could also use this device for home security.

The camera is small enough to be hidden just about anywhere in a room. Just remember that you’ll still need to decide on a power source.

Miniature Camera Films in High-Definition

Despite the size, you get high-resolution video. Though, the exact quality of the video depends on the lighting conditions and placement. With ample lighting, you should get clarity with minimal pixelization.

Your video is stored on a micro SD card, the same type of card used in most modern electronics. With a 32GB card, you can record hours of footage.

The camera also has the standard loop recording feature so that you can keep filming when your memory card is full.

Start or Stop Recording with the Flick of a Switch

Operating the camera is quick and painless. Flip the switch on the side of the camera to begin recording and then flip the switch again to stop. That’s all there is to it.

The camera is marketed as the smallest hidden button camera. This size also limits the features. You will not get motion detection or WIFI connectivity. But, it does make it easy to set up a personal surveillance system hidden within your clothing.

This small size also leads to more concealment options. You could use this as a dash cam in your vehicle or a security camera in your home.


This is an easy-to-use spy camera that gets the job done. The simplicity comes at the cost of advanced features.

The camera does not include motion detection or WIFI connectivity for live streaming to your phone. It is simply a miniature camera that is available at a low price.

Portable Mini Button Spy Camera

Portable Mini Button Spy Camera


  • Includes 8 button caps for concealing camera
  • Features motion detection and loop recording
  • Supports 64GB micro SD cards


  • Video resolution is limited to 640x480 pixels
  • The battery compartment can become hot

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