WiFi Wireless Spy Camera

WiFi Wireless Spy Camera

WiFi Camera for Home Security Review

Do you need to keep an eye on your babysitter or secretly recording a meeting? You may want to consider getting one of the world’s smallest cameras.

Intended for personal security, the following spy cam offers a range of features and benefits. This includes WIFI connectivity and motion detection.

Hide Your Camera Just About Anywhere

Regardless of your security needs, you should have no problem finding a hiding spot for this camera. It is smaller than a button and connected to an external battery pack.

Small and lightweight, you can now keep an eye on the interior of your house while you’re away. Or, use it for business surveillance. Monitor your employees or customers.

You even have the option of enjoying remote viewing.

Using the BVCAM app, which is a popular mobile app for spy cameras, you can stream video to a phone, computer, or tablet. Once connected to your home WIFI, there is no limit to the distance. View your video from anywhere.

Receive Instant Notifications on Your Phone

Like most spy cameras, the device is equipped with motion detection. But, it also offers instant notifications.

Using the mobile app, you can receive an alarm as soon as motion is detected. The camera starts recording and you receive your notification, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

Along with motion detection, you can ensure your camera is always ready to record with loop recording. This records over older files, in case your memory card runs out of space.

Speaking of the memory card, the camera supports micro SD cards up to 32GB in size. This will allow close to 3 hours of HD video.

3 hours is about the same length of time that the battery will last on a full charge. If you need continuous recording, you can keep the camera plugged into the USB cable.

Get a Clear View With 720p HD Video

The camera is only as good as the quality of video that it captures. Using this little device, you can record at 720-pixels. This is a step up from standard definition, allowing you to capture details and a clear image.

It should be mentioned that the camera doesn’t include night vision.

It works best when you set it up in a well-lit room. Preferably, you should place it in a room with natural lighting. Draw the curtains to get a clearer video.


This miniature spy camera lets you monitor just about any location. You can even set up live video streaming using a mobile app.

The small size makes it easy to hide and the simple controls make it easy to use. Though it doesn’t record in full HD and lacks night vision, it can still deliver decent video.

In the end, the main advantage is the compact size and quality external battery.

WiFi Wireless Spy Camera

WiFi Wireless Spy Camera


  • One of the smallest spy cameras available
  • External battery can last for 3 to 4 hours
  • Includes motion detection and loop recording


  • Does not include night vision

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